The future is a finger tap away.

Introducing the safest and most precise method to carrying and dispensing liquid cannabis. We’re liberating the libation – join us.

Djot proprietary precise dosing technology

Patent Approved.

Djot has been granted patent approval by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Patent Cooperation Treaty for worldwide intellectual property (IP) protection to support global expansion. This protects our key innovations including, no cross contamination among different dPod contents, safety lock with password protection, and interchangeable dPods for multiple uses.

New industries opportunity.

From pharma to health & wellness, our tech was designed to work with any liquid concentrate where precise dosing matters, creating a pathway for alternative products such as vitamins, supplements, medication, and psychedelics.

Consumer optimization.

While new cannabis consumers do not want to smoke or vape, current consumers are also looking for healthier alternatives. The Djot ecosystem allows for safe and precise consumption of liquid concentrates dosed in 1 mg increments.

Scalable & strategic.

We are “asset light”, selling our Djot Dispensers directly to consumers and empty dPods to established cannabis brands. These companies then deliver their products to consumers using our technology.

Global potential, realized.

As a health-tech company that sells technology, we can enter any market and avoid regulatory hurdles because Djot is not a cannabis company. We don’t touch the cannabis plant but rather provide tech to simplify and optimize consumption.

Ecosystem reach & protection.

By creating an ecosystem of Dispensers and dPods, it expands its reach and raises barriers to entry for potential competitors. It also allows consumers to embrace an ecosystem that offers a wide variety of dPods leading to continuous loyalty and support.

Greener Endeavors.

Djot cares about our environment. By using Djot and our dPods, you can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of cannabis concentrates, compared to Ready-to-Drink cannabis infused beverages.

Be part of the next wave in cannabis consumption*. No inhalation or smoke, just breathing fresh air into an ever-growing industry.

* For accredited investors only.