1. Ready, set, Djot.

    The Djot Dispenser is an innovative dosing devise designed to provide complete control of your cannabis experience. Just pick your preferred drink and get Djotting.



    Your THC, CBD or Hybrid dPod.

  2. 2/3


    Your precise dose amount.

  3. 3/3


    Into your preferred drink.

Why Djot?

  • Portable

    Bring your pocket-sized Djot Dispenser anywhere with ease.

  • Precise

    Dose in 1 mg intervals & personalize your dosage to up to 10 mg.

  • Simple

    Dispense a dose with just the tap of a finger.

  • Secure

    Child-proof locking system ensures safety and peace of mind.

  • Well-being

    Enjoy the benefits of liquid cannabis without smoking or harsh inhalation.

Track and optimize the effects of Djotting through your day with our App, directly linked to your Djot Dispenser.

Pick your dPods.

Discover THC, CBD and hybrid dPods developed for your unique needs. Easily interchangeable, and always droppable.


Oil Drops

For sublingual use

  • Onset:
    40-60 minutes

  • Offset:
    4-8 hours

  • Mild cannabis taste & odour

  • Mild cannabis colour

Drink Drops

To add to your beverage

  • Onset:
    15-20 minutes

  • Offset:
    2-4 hours

  • Tasteless & odourless

  • Colourless

Sleek, compact design. Super intelligent software. Discreet dispensing tech. Effortlessly portable.   

Innovation at its core.

The Djot Dispenser employs sophisticated battery management and a precision CPU to send small amounts of current to release liquid. For each setting, the drop size and number of drops released are precisely optimized.

Add precision to your portfolio.

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